• Jennifer Owenby

The Truth She Knew

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

The Truth series is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. http://rcl.ink/Rkm

Love can break you. It can also be your salvation. Walker Farren. Hot. Popular.  The center of the social universe. My opposite in every way. When he crashes into my life after catching his attention at a party everything changes. I try to resist, to keep my distance,  because letting someone in means risking them finding out my secrets. But he won’t let me hide in my shell,  breaking down my walls with his easy charm  and treating me like I matter for the first time in my life. As our relationship deepens, I’m terrified my secrets will come out, and he’ll see the darkness that I can’t get past. Because even I know that fairy tales come to an end and happily ever after only happens in storybooks. When my worst fears become reality, will we be able to stay together, or will our fairy tale become a horror story?


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