• Jennifer Owenby

Where I'll Find You

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Where I'll Find You is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited at http://rcl.ink/Rkc.

Meet Kaisen and Hadlee in this suspenseful romance.

I protect my heart at all costs.

But when Kaisen waltzes into my life Sexy.  Kind. Too good to be true. No matter how many times I turn him away, he keeps showing up. As hard as I try, I can’t resist him. I take the leap. Let him in. Give him my heart. Then one afternoon, one choice, one glimpse of a letter not meant for me, and everything is destroyed. Everything I thought I knew is a lie. He isn’t who he says he is. But neither am I. Dark secrets come to light. They’re not his, though. They’re mine. I had no idea.  No clue I was being spoon fed lies my entire life. But do I have the strength to face my past? Or do I walk away and leave behind the only man I’ve ever loved?